Ball - BT770 B3 1637

aith reJiidethboth inMinde andWill. i37 §. 3. The feat of' faith istheheart, but the heart con- trite, humbled,bewailing finne, denying it felfe , and af e- ledwithdèfîreof remitlionof finnes. As the flomacke is theplace in which meat is received , but it is neceffary it be defirous of meat : fo the heart is the place where remiffionof finnes is received and felt , but it mull be an heart defirm of, and thirfling after pardon. With theheart man beleeveth. if the mindandwill be two diflinai fa- culties of the foule, then juflifyingfaith isretdent in both, but principally in thewill ; becaufe it affenteth to divine revelationastrue , and embrach the promifes as much better thanany contrarie good, theworld , the Divell or flefh canprevent to prevent our choice ofwhat itprefcri- beth forour favinghealth. For the word ofpromife, not onely containing truth, butoffering good untous, cannot fullybe receivedwith the underflanding , but thewill alto muff move towards it. And fo faith is not onely a know- ledge or aflent in themind , but a godly affeiion in the will, which dothgoe to, embrace, reti uponChrifl, or the graceoffered in Chriti. Therefore thenatureof faith is de- fcribed by words, which fignifie to flayand roll our felves upon God, and to Ieaneon him as one would leane upon a flaffe : and by faith we corn unto Chrifl and receive It is obje&ed , that one and the fame vertne or grace cannot be in diflinai powers and faculties of the foule, nor faith indiflin&fubjeaìs. Whereunto feverall anfwers are made : Firfl, that oneand thefame thing indivers refpeels may be referred todivers fubjeals, as thefe fubje6ls are not alto;etherfeparated, but conjoyned amongfl themfelves. So friendfhip isone morali vertue , andyet in the minde and will both. Love and hatred is nothing but the af- fe6lionof good or evill will unto a thing knowne in the underflanding. Our Adverfaries themfelves place hope in the undertianding and the will , attributing a double cer- taintie unto it, one in refpe61of the underfianding , ano- ther in refpe&of thewill. And fo faith being one, dorh properly §.3. Faith ref.d-'th :, .Al ind and Will. Rom,/0.7o. Aas 8.37. a Pct.i.i9 'A/{S 16.14. Zaeh.Boveriut cap.6,2 , f3m5. Bonaveotura in ; di ff.a 3.o,; Suate.Z, d.l.3.c Is.' 11 2. Sotas de natssra d9ó $ellar.ds fufii hih.ncFp 6. Fl u 7'bllofophia. Bellac. ele7uFfif.; liá.3.tap,tr.