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I42 Rom, I. r7. Pfa1.93. Y, 2.& 30.6,7,8. §. 6. TheFaith efthe weal¿.efP Chriffían ,sfieffieiant tofol. vation. The Faitheftheweakefl Chriflian isfuffcient,&c. ofwiÌÎ, which is neverwholly removed in this life, isa flop and let toperfe6t confidence.Faith groweth and encreafeth bydegrees ; which is an argument that in this life it ne- ver comes to the higheft pitch ofperfection : For that which is already complete indegree, :needeth no augmen- tation. What beleever is there, who findes not a conti- nual' combateoffaith , againft many temptationsarifing from his native ignorance, infidelity, diffidence, the wifdomeofthe flefh, hisowne fenfand feeling ? &c. which affaults againft faithfrom within doe arguetheweakneffe, as the refftance of them demonftrates thetruthoffaith. The treeis known by its fruit, and thegoodnefi'eofa caufe by theeffects it produceth. But the fruitsoffaithare im- perfeet ; as love,joy, and holineffe. The faithofAbraham wasgreat and excellent, but not perfe&R in degree : Hewas ftrong in faith , and doubted not ofinfidelity, but ofinfir- mity hee°doubted : His faith remained invincible, though oftenaffaulted, but nowand then it was fhaken. §. 6. The firongeft faith is imperfeR but themeafure of faith is fo divided by divine providence, that tonone who are called according to his purpofe, isgiven lef a than may twice to their falvation. The meafure of faith con- taineth thisin it , that it bea fufficient portion forevery one. God in his wife providence giveththegreateRmea- fure offaith to them, who are to undergoe the greateRR combats. Hec"`bath appointed fome for theexampleofo thers, and in them heepropoundethto theworld certaine tokens ofhis glory andvertue : and therefore he beftoweth upon them a more abundant meafure offaith; not that they might acquire by it more 'falvation, but that they might fingularly ferve for the illuftrating of the glory ofGod , and bee an helpe, comfort, and fupport to the weake. In thebody humane thebones have more íirength than the flefh , not that there is more life in them,but that they might faftaine the weake fle(h : fo here. There isno memberofthebody foweake ifit he endued with thefpi- rit of life., which is not as well a true and livelymember of