Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Faith wake in onerefpedmay beRrong in another. the Rate ofbeleevers at their fiat converfion ; and who Ordinarily Ge. canexpe6 it fhould bee otherwife ? Wee doe not looke tamers arerveake that a new borne babe fhould bee able togoe alone ; if at thePA arength comewith age, wee thinke it is well. And thus it fareth with them alto, who are not confcionable to gaine knowledge, fubdue their corruptions , cherith faith, nourith the motions of Gods Spirit. pray earneffly, watch narrowly, get refolution of their doubts , tie up their pafïons, renuetheir repentance,andpurpofè tobetter obe- dience. Butfome thereare , whomGod in fpeciall manner doth sa,neprivieedged priviledge at one time, and in oneday to receive that grace above others. andgift ofafiurance, whichothers are long Iabouring and travelling for, before they attaine it. Asour Saviour Chrift pronouncethofZacheus, T'hra dayu this Man becomethe Lukeza.q. Sonne ofAbraham,andfalvation u come intohis houfe. So Lydia herheart was opened,thatfheattended to thepreach- Asp x6. 14. ing of Paula the Jaylour, and the jouleswho were pricked inconfcienceat thepreachingofPeter, were quickly com- Alts x6.34.& !forted after they were throwne downe. The like may bee z ,.. . laid ofMatthew, and the theefewhowasconverted upon Luke3z $, theCrofiè. Againe , faith may be weake or (mall in one particular, Faith meake in when it is great and Drong in another. The meafure of onere(gettmay knowledge may be (cant, whenaffiance isfirong, accor- Dh renginano ding to that aman dothknow ; as in Rha6 Where there tieb.a. 3 I. is fmall aflurance of pardon, there Rrength of faith may difcover it felfe by Driving againft doubting, bitter com- plaining for want of feeling comfort, fervent feeking to bee fettled inbeleeving , earneR longing after and unfatia- ble delire of grace, high prizing and valuation ofJefus Chrift , and mercy promifed in him ; felfe-deniall, con- tempt of the world, care to fearchout t he (inne that may poflibly hinder comfort, and expellit ; contInuall watch- fulneffe and holy jealoule left they fhould bee deceived , and faithfull labouring to fubdue corruption. Thefe and loch like fruits of found, lively, wel-rooted affiance may L be I45