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Marxh.rSaB. & 8Io. 4. Full affarance. Coloff2.2. Coloffx.23. Rom.4 2u. Pfa1,27.x.3t 23.4. Job r3.* Eifer 414' Gottenbldg. greet. Cor. tieb.6.xx. Co1.2.7. The benefits of fell afferanee. The benefits of f "ull affurance. protnifes ofGod , temporall and fpirituall , to relieupon them ; hee canwreftle earneflyinprayer , is notdifcoura_! ged if for a time hisfuite bee denied, will take norepulfe ; is courageous in dangers, fharpened by difficulties , wal-` keth on conflantlyinagodlycourfe , andholdeth thecon- fident affuranceofhis falvatton more ffrongly, and bath' it more ufually than the two former. But yet bee bath not learned inevery {lateand thing fo to liveby faith, butthat bee isoften fhaken and troubled with hiscorruptions, di ffra6ted with cares, and kept under with other incum- brances more thanbee need , if bee had attained to that meafure offaith , which in this life many haveobtained by thegift ofGod. Full affurance is, when thebeleeverbath obtainedfelt a!1"uretnceofunderfanding in themy/fery ofGod,andofthe Father, and ofChriJt; and affuredly beleeveth in Chrift'. for falvation ; and is certainlyperfwaded that all other pro- miles, fpirituall and temporall,doe belong unto,and fhallbe made gooduntohim in due feafon though inappearance all things goe cleane contrary : and readilyfolloweth the Lords commandement, though repugnant to flefh and blond, croffe tocarnallreafon,contrarietoearthlypleafure, and contentment. This degree of faith is not gotten at, once, nor at firff ordinarily, but by degrees, aftergood timeand continuance in theufe ofthe meanes, after many experiencesofGods hveandfavour, after manifold trials . and combatesiand the long continued practiceofholinefl'e; manynever attaine unto itin this life ; but it is the dutyof every Chrifaiantolabour after good ePablifhment and full affurance in thefaith. As faith is moreexcellent , fo are thefruits that ifTue from it. Theftronger ourfaith, the moreftrmeand dole is our union with Chrift. A weakebeleever is as truly -knit: to Chrift as the ftrong but not fo neerely and faft. The increafe offaithmakes our Communion with Chrift more/ tweet and comfortable than before. For the more tied- faftlyweebeleeve, the clearer apprehenfion havewee of thei