Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The benefits of fill ei ffurance. the remiffionofall our fins the more vertue and flrength draw wee fromChrifl to kill and crucifie our corruptions ; ,;. the greater is our peace and joy in the fenf ofGods f e- = John r. 4. p J Y P ciall favour, and the more conaantly injoyed with an in- Heb. it,. z2. creafe thereof. Fulneffeof faith breeds falneffe of peace & a "2 =s :s. and joywhich paffeth underflanding. The firmerour faith, &s. 13. the morefree is our acceffewith boldneffe and confidence to the throneofgrace, the more fervently and confidently can wepray Abba, Father, the better fucceffedoewe finde in prayer, and themorequietly doe weWaite till thevifion come, for it will come and will not lie. Affurance of faith dothenable with more eafe to over- come the world, to contemne the pleafures offinde, to po%flè the foule inpatience in hard and fore preafures , to curbe unruly paflìons, to tread Satanunder feet , tobreake through all worldly difficulties, and to runne with cheere- fulneffe the racethat is fet before us. The weake beleever creeps forward in the way toHeaven , but it iswith much difficulty; Heehath much adoewith himfelfe, he is per- plexed with feares , frightned with troubles, difcouraged with want ofmeanes ; he is wearie, feeble,panteth,maketh many a Hand , and flippeth now and then. It is farrebet- ter withhim, who is fettled, flablifhed and rooted in the knowledge and love of the truth, and is affured ofGods mercy; bath interef}in all the promifes ofgrace, and can lay a&uall claime unto thee. For hee contemneth the temptations ofmultitudes, cuflomes, examples ; he defpi- feth the offers ofprofits, pleafures, honours, efleeming it greater riches to fuffer affliElion with the people ofGod, than to enjoy the pleafures o f fin. As for reproach , trouble, prfecution , he fhrinkes not at them, for his heartis fixed and trufleth in the Lord. In dangers hee is confident, though meanes ofdeliverance appeare not,becaufe heTeeth Godwho is inviable , and refleth upon his faithfull pro- mile that cannot deceive. HisaffecEions are feafoned,his heart is in Heaven, his love toGod is flronger than death , nag zo. z4. life it felfe is not deare unto him, that hemay finifh his éss ;?sg, L 3 courfe 149