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150 .-o. Thefirengefl fail!) ú fubicEfto fitedry efrrmitiet Job 3 3, 8. hurob.2o.10, I I 12. : King19.4. Gen.rp.2. [efi1.3.5.w1t11 31: x2. I-Sam. ±7.I The ffrangbelee ver Bath feme- timerlij.inkm.°., »Vien the weake Ifeindo Theflrong&faith isfubjeCt tofiundry infirmities. courfe with joy. If at any time bee tread awry through over-fight or infirmitie ; the ftronger his is faith, the foo- ner doth hee arifeagaine , renue his repentance, and em- brace the promifes ofmercy afre(h. Let us then (rive to attaine unto the bell meafure of faith, and toexcell our felves. In earthly things men are willing tobettertheir condition : and (hail weebee care_ Idle in heavenly things to providewell for our (elves ? In faire weather the Traveller will curie his Cloake, be- caufe the feafonmay change before his returne. A flrong faith is ever of ufe , moíl needfull in temptations oflong continuance andgrievous to be borne : and though now we live in peace , wee knownot how footle we maybecalled forth to tryall, what fervicewee may be put unto, or how the Lord will exercife us. 4 ro. But here wee muff remember, the flrongeft faith hath infirmities under which it groaneth, and is fubje& to temptations bothon the right hand and on the left , even ftrong temptations, whereby it is fhaken for a time. Jobs faithwas (haken , when hee curled theday of hisbirth; Mofes his faith quailed at the rocke: E- liah, that famous beleever, who had raifed the dead, would bee dead in a paßîon. Long delayes did both trie and (hake the faith of Abraham. In one and the fame beleever faith is fometimes greater and (ronger, another rime more weake and infirme : (ronger in agreat aflhult, weaker in a leffe. Thegift offaith is without repentance, andbeing oncekindly planted in theheart, there itremai- neth for ever :but in regardofgreatneffe or meaneffeit hath manyalterations , increafings and decreafings; yea , the flrong beleever Both fometimes (hrinke anddrawback like a coward in fmall temptations, andtheweakdoth quit him- felfe valiantly ingreat tryals. IIIJ Thewrong mull not becarelefye , as ifhee íhouId never doubt againe , or be brought into firaits: The weake mutt not bedifmayed, as ifrhey fluould utterlybe overthrowne Both weake and thongmull looke for tryals, and bee care- full