Ball - BT770 B3 1637

156 Meanesfor the right plantingofaith. ofdeareft friends,and the réproaches and revilingsofmen, though abjeó and vile. This our Saviour layes down as a Matth 16.24. fundamentall principle, Ifany manwill come afterme, let Mat.to37,3t, himdenichimfelfe,and takeup his crofte,andfollow me. He that loveth Father or Mother more than me , is notwor- thyofme : andhe that loveth Son or Daughtermorethan Luke 14 ç. me, anot worthy ofme. eAndheethat taketh nothis eroffe, andfellowethafterme, is not worthyofme. The neceflityof this refolution lacemore fully fets out untous in twoPara- bles ; ofa builder that mull bee able to count his cot+and charges,, and meanes to defray them, before he take that worke in hand ; otherwife to begin to build, being unable to make an end , were to lay the foundationofhisdifgrace in the lofl'e of his colt and paines : And a Prince, who be- fore he undertakewarre, mutt have fire triall ofhis owne ability and skill todifcover his enemies ftrength ; other- wife to bid him battell, were rafhly to provoke an ene- mie to his owne Joffe and danger. The condition of Luke t4.33. thefe inductions is this , So likewife, whofoe erhee tee of you , thatforfaketh not allthat he hath, bee cannot bee my D ifciple. Mae. í3.44,4s The Merchant that wouldpurchafe the pearleof price, mull fell all that he hath tobuy it ; He mull fell his finnes, (which is properlyall we have ofour owne) and renounce his interefi in theworld, and whatfòever naturall content- ment bee might promife himfelfe in the things of this world. The meaning is not, that rich men mutt forgoe theirwealth, and betake themfelves tovoluntary poverty ; for riches well ufed bee great infirumentsofdoing good : But they mull call the world out of their affections , and make over their interefl in whatloever is moll deare unto them : theymuff prefer the kingdomeofHeaven before the whole world, and therefore renounce both themfelves, and allthedelires ofthe flefb, that nothingmayhinder the enjoyingofforich a treafure. Chrit+ doth make love unto us, and by many faire, fweet and precious promifes doth allure and entice us to em-