Ball - BT770 B3 1637

.Meanes fir therightplanting offaith. 157 embrace him ; but willbee received by way ofMatrimo- niall covenant ; we mull forfake all bale and carnali de- lights , call out of the heart whatfoever we formerly ac- counted precious in the world , cleave unto him onely, andbecontentedwith thole fpirituall good things , which he promifethunto us. Chrifl bath never due efleemewith us , unleffe for his fakewee withdrawourhearts from all the riches, delights, honours, and profits of theworld, and denieour felves, that inall things weemight be con- formable unto his will and pleafure. What are webetter than harlots, fo long as theworld, or the delights thereof, lulls , or pallions poffeffe theheart, and divide it from Chrifl ? Roots, thoughoftrees,can goe no deeper than therocke or Bone : nor can the Word of life linke deeper into the heart , than unto the rootsofhis naturali delires or affe&i- ons: which unrenounced, hinder the right taking and kindly fpreadingofit. The cares ofthis world and volup- tuous living choake the feedofthe world, afierit bath ta- ken fome rooting, that it brings förth no fruitunto ripe- neffe. Therefore that the word of the kingdome may take kindly , and fru5ifie in us , we muff call up our ac- countsbefore hand, what wecan be content toforgoe for Chrißs fake, and renounce the pleafures and delights of the World , giving up ourfelves intirely to Jefus Chrif in all things to bee directed and guidedby him, inuring our felves quietly to beare reproach, difgrace and con- temptfor his fake, andwatching heedfully in profperitie, that the world creepe not into our afie5 ion, and privily Bealeaway our hearts from him. And this wee !hall doe themorefreely , ifwee atten- tively confider what excellent and incomparable rrea- fures of delight joy, and comfort are tobe found in Je- fus Chrift, over and above all the world can promife or afford. Should a good hnsband bee offeredforce goodly royaltie, upon condition hee would forfake his bale tene- mentorhardrentedleafe; when once hee perceived the profit Luke 3.14.