Ball - BT770 B3 1637

} §. 4 .Mesmer whereby faith i, flrenethe- ned and eemfir- Meaneswhereby. Faith isirengthened. fweet than any pleafure that can bee taken in all thepa- fimesoftheWorld. For by that meanes weegrowmore and morefamiliarly and betteracquainted with themiede andpurpofeofGod towardsus, weenjoy fweet communion and fellowfbip with him, wee are made ready for our latter end at one time as well as another, and are ar- med to goe well and cheerfully through with theaffaires of the day, beleeving that Godwill guide and ble&us. Andofthisalto weemaybe well allured , that according to our flrength offaith , the lively fruits of holy obedience fhall bee found inus ; and as our faith groweth , fo doth foundpeace,joy, andfafetie, flrength a ainft corruption , ability to refit+ temptations, povertyoffpirit, meekneffe, purity, hunger and thirft after righteoufneffe, mercifulneffe andpleafure in themeanes wherebyfaith ispreferved , and confirmed,increafe, and that from time to time, more and more. But as for filch aswill not fettle themfelvesto nourifh their faith with care and diligence , they deprive them- felvesofmuch inward peace, which theymight enjoy , and maketheir lives uncomfortable to themfelves, unprofita- bleto others. They laythemfelves open to many offen- ces, which by thisexercife they might prevent ; and they goeon , either in unfavourie lighrneffe and carnali joy , which doth deceive them , or elfe in unprofitable care andworldly forrow , which will difquiet them. Andwhen theynegleó} the fafhioning of Chrifl in their hearts , and fotruly toput him onin theirdaily converfátion, they be- dome unprofitable in their lives, offenfive in theircar- riage and the Devill weakeneth and holdeth backe fian- drie (whichwerecommingon) by their example, think- ing themfelves well in the cafe they are in, rather than they thouldbee in following them , unleffe they law force beauty and excellencie in their lives, more thanin them- felves. §.4.Themeans whereby faith is confirmedand flrengthe- ned-are thefe,and fetch like Firl},