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Faith once obtained as férionfly io be regarded. 159 to awaken us to a continnall carefull regard to preferve and encrealeit, In this life wee are fubje61 tomany trials;.thùrirecinire i fl:rengthoffaith toundergoe them. Theworld,, by reafòn ofour continual' imployment init,is apt to cfcepe into the heart, and infenfibly to fleale the affef ions fròm the :eat ger purfuiteof heavenly things; which caileth uponusfos more than ordinary care to increafe our defires ofgrace; and moderate them in tranfitory things. flee who will have a plant to thrivein agrounddrie,barren,and unkindly forit, muff flrive much, becaule his Coyle will not doe fur- ther than it is forced fohee that will make fireburnein greene moiff wood, mull follow it with blowing : thus to get faith to thrive in our natures, which are as apt to theweedesofdiffidenceand vice , as averle from faith ande every true verme, wee mull (+rive with them,.;:and offer violence unto them. He who doth row againflthe ilreame, muff plie his Care, or hee will goedowneapace; fo it is here , we goe againfl the flreame ofcorrupt nature, fofarre as wegoe in faith orgrace. Our dailyand continual I weakneffeoffaith, which wee finde in affenting unto and receiving moll objeels offaith and promifesof Uod , when it is encountred with tempta- tions : Our ordinaryfailings in the practiceofholy duties, and dueorderingofour affe, ions , whichcannotbe with- out aprecedent del-eaofthat faith , which only can firmly unite us untoChrifl ; doth fufficiently manife(l, how feeble our beleefe is in the fpecial i mercies of God towards us in Jefus Chrifl, which being the highefl objed is thehardeft tobee apprehended, and canneverbe feparated from firme affent unto everyprecept ofGod, as muchbetterthan any incompatible good. And ifmentake food andphyficke to ifrengthen their bodies, becaule they are fraile : mull wee not labour toconfirme our weakeand feeble faith ? The labourbellowed about this moftgainfull and beau tifull grace,is fo farre from tedious toile , that it is the fo- lace of a Chriflian heart, and the pleafure thereofmore fweet A44s Ig. 22. a Thef.3,253.40