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,r4 T'ableóftheprincipatRmatters 6. It ftriveth to enter the poffeision of this heavenlyking- dome by degrees, p.25 5, z 56 7. It carnally delires and longeth after.the full accomphib- ment ofglory, p.z56 S. It affureth that wee are made heires of glory , to which God of his grace will bringus in his time appointed, pig. z56 257 God in great mercy doth vouch- Cafe to his adopted formes ma- ny excellent royalties in this life, p.257,258 The ads of faith that arife from the priviledges of the godly in this life. s. Faith refleth upon the; grace ofGod to receive from him whatfoever may begood and pro-, fitable, p.259 2. It petitioneth inflantly for fuccour, p.z6o 3. It receiveth earthlyblef- lings as giftsof the covenant, and tokens oflove, ibid. 4.Faith in thefe and the fore- laid protnifesdoth greatlyenlarge the heart towards God, p.261 5. It cloth inwardly quiet and cheare the heart in themidit of manifold outward difcourage- ments, ibid. The way and meanes toflirre up faith in there promifes. r. To humble our (elves unfainedly in refped of our m ferable and accurfed ellate by finne , and former carelefneffe ro (ecke mercy, &c.pag. 26x. 262, 263. &c. a. Wee mutt incite and cirre up our (elves to receive the promifes of everlaffing life, by confederation of the free and rich ------..m. grace ofGod, his truthand faith. fulneffe ; the fufficiency of Chrifls merits; and greatneffe, excellency and worth of the be- nefit promifed, pag. 264, 265 266,&c. 3. Wee mull pray carnally that God would increafe our faith,fealeus byhis Spirit,leadus in the way of peace, caufe us to grow up in holineflè make us wife to prize and value, to rafle and reliifh the joyes ofHeaven, and affure our confciences of rightand title to that everlafling inheritance, p.269,270 4. Wee mull quicken our (elves to rej' yce in God, wait pa- tiently, and walke cheerefullybe- fore him, . p.27o,271 CHAP. V. GOd bath made many promi- 7 fes of perfeverance. pag 21,27 z The love which God beareth to his people is an everlafling love, and the covenant which bee bath made with them rife- dually, and "í kept aifu,- redly, is an evrlafting cove- nanr, p.272,273 The condition ofthe covenant is !, promifed in the covenant it felfe, P.27? All the faithful! are built upon the rock&-,not upon the rockenovv, and anon upon therand, p.274 The (heepe of Chrifl 1hall never perifla, neither (nail any man plucke them out of his hand They are fenced againfl thetrea- cheryof their oyvne hearts re- maining in them, p.275 The