Ball - BT770 B3 1637

containedin this fecondPart. The holy Spirit is fent into their hearts to dwell and remaine with them , as an earneft of their inheritance, untill the re- demptionof the purchafed pof- fefli.on, ibid. The life which they live by faith in Chtift, is an everlaftíng rife, p.z76 Christ hath praied for his people that theirfaith fhouldnot faile, ibid. We are allured fromGod;thathee will perfect theworke ofgrace which he hath begun, ibid. By ferions meditation on thefe promifes wee mull fettle our felves in beleevingour perfeve- rance : which is verynecef hry. For 1. Had it not berne a point of great weight , the Lord would not have mentioned it fooften, p277 a. Wee areweake and feeble to withfland, our fpirituall ene- mies potent and vigilant to aC faile, ibid. 3. Our weakeneße is not greater thanour backvvardnefíe to beleeve the promifes of perf`eve- rance, when wee (rand ismolt need, ibid. 4,Whilít Chriftians diftruft- fully queftion their perfeveranee, all prefent favours ferme the lefle, all other promifes bee held the more weakly, ibid. q. Confidence in thepromi- fes of perfeverance doch encou- rage and quicken in aChriftian conrfe, p. 278 Hee that hath faith indeed will not; nay, he cannot take cou- rage to.goeon in fin upon this pretence, that faith once had cannot utterly be loft, ibid 6. Looke how much wee come fhort inbeleeving the faith- full promifes ofGod, concerning our future protection from all hurtfull evils , fo much are wee lacking to found peace and (table tranquillity of mind and Confci- ence, p. 279,2.80 The godly are allowed to beleeve their perfeveranee. For, r. God hathconfirmed it by promife and covenant unto his children, p.z8o', z.They haveallowance tobe: leeve the obtaining of that which Christ bath praied for,& they aske ofGod in the Name of Christ ac- cordingtohiswill, p.280,2.8í 3. What one beleeved upon ordinary and common grounds , that is the priviledgeof all belee- , vers p.28í 4. It is agreat glory to God, that wee live by faith on him concerning our future eftate, ibid. The alts of faith concerning per- feverance. z. It makes a mamfenfibleof his ovine frailty, p.z8 z z. It threes up anholy jea- loufie and fufpition , left wee lhnuld coole, decay , {tart afide or fallbacke, ibid. 3. Faith inftantly cryeth un- to theLord for help and ftrength, and continualt fupply of grace, p.283 4. Faith defireth , digefteth, and feedeth upon the veholfome foodoflife, ibid. ;. It putteth forth it felfe ro performe all duties of holineffe and love with life and fervour, p. 2,84 .It coveteth-increafe ofgrace andfanatfication, p.a8 5 A ; 7.It