Ball - BT770 B3 1637

contained in thisfecondPart. 5. Itftirreth up courage and refolution to Cet upon the praftice of godlineffe, and the duties of our particular calling, as the means fanetified ofGod topro-. curefreedome, p.297,298 6. It fortifieth the foule a gainft all instafions, p.298,299 7. Faith is vigilant and watchfull at all times, inall pla- ces, upon all occafions, p.299 8. In themoft forcible tern- pelts which the enemie raifetha- gatnft us, faith tels the heart that acalme is at hand, p.300 9. If Satan renew his ail faults , faith Rands prepared through the power of God to make refiftance afresh, pag.30o 301 so. Faith affureth , that by the over-ruling providence of God, temptations ferve forthe in- creafe ofgrace, p.3o r Thegodly are fometimes brought fo low,that they can difcern no [parkoffatth,no fruit of grace, no markof Gods love in them- felves.For, r. An affiifted fpirit, toffed with feare and terrour, cannot conceive or give noticeofits true eftate, p.301,302 s. Goodmen in temptation are pettifhly difpofed, p.302 The Remedyin this diflrefie is, r. Grace may appeareunto others , when in temptation a godly man cannot difcerne it in himfelfe, ibid. z. It is the wifedome of a Chriffian in this cafe to obferve the marke that Satan drives at, which is to hide from his fight the graces of theSpirit , that hee might bring him to defpaire :and fo ftirre up himfelfe tobeleeve. or, r. Whenhe canfee nograce in his foule , heecannot but fee himfelfe tobee miferable , and to called to come unto Chrift,,p. soz 2. Taking courage to bee leeve,he difappoints Satan, ibid. 3. Wee have a commande. ment to beleeve as well as to proove our felves, both which muff bee complete together, p. 303 4. If thou canft not find in thy Celfe what thou feektllafter, come unto JefusChrtft, and be- leeve in him, that thou mayft re- ceive what thou feeke11, ibid. 3. The dtftrtfled foule mutt learne,that the grace of Godwor- keth not alwaies alike inhis chil dren, [bid. 4. The long and manifold temptations of Satan, wherewith hee feekes to throw Chtiftians head-long intodeCpaire,is to them a teftimonyof the inhabitationof the fpirit in their hearts, p.303, 304 Meanes to ftirre upfaith in thefe perplexities and times ofgrie- vous temptations. I. The diftreffed Chriftian muff unfainedly humble his foule for former ignotance , vanitie of mind; dif- efteeme ofmercy, timo- rouCneffe, difcontent, unbeleefe, &c. p.304, 305 z. Hee muff complaine of the malice of Satan, and inftantly intreat the Lord topardon fine, bridle,reftraine, and tread Satan under foot, p.3os,306 3.He mutt ceafe tomule on the temptations of Satan, and A 4 Pirre