Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Arableoftheprincipal) matters 7. It receiveth new fupply of grace continually from Jefus Chrift the fountain of grace , p.z86 8. It affitreth of perfeve- rance through the promifes of grace, ibid. Means to flirre up our felves to beleeve theft promifesofperle. verance. t. Wee muff heartily be- vvaile our proneneffe to finne, aptnefle to decline, inability to wrthfland any one temptation,or Pet one flep forward in the wayto Heaven, p.z87,z88 z. Wee muff flare up our felves to reff upon God through Jefus Chrift, for eftabliflrment and confirmation, p.288, 289 3. Wee mutt pray initantly that God would upholdus, and make us to fee that hee willefla- Withus unto the end, p, 289,290. CHAP. VI. re fervants of Chrift are all fouldters, and have conti- all warre , not with fleth and blond, but with principalities, and powers , and fpirituall wickednelì'es, p490 Encouragement to refill Satan, p.z9o,z9i Promifesofviftory, P.29! In this Hate of temptation the godly are allowed to beleeve the promifes of viftory. For, r. TheGod ofpeace hath promifed to tread Satan under OMfeet thortly, p.291,29 2 z. Faith doth glorifieGod, and is moil profitable unto us; our treafure, ftrength, and viâo- rie, p.292 3. We have a charge to reel the Devil]. ttrong in the faith,ibid. . 4. Faith is one ofthe firfe things that is formed inaChri- flian, and wherewithGod furni- fheth him, when he prepareth and calleth him forth to the encoun- ter, f. The faithfull cannot bet- ter provide far their owne cafe and fafety, than confidently to hope in theLord, ibid. It is neceflàry a Chriftian fhould live by faith in this condition. For, r.True valour cannot be.had without faith in Chrift,- ibid. z. All our ftrength liethin Chrift, whole Almighty power fubdueth all things for ut, p.294. ;. Faith is of force to keepe us againft all a$aults of theDe- vill, ibid. 4. The DevilI will renew his affaults, and wee mull renew our courage and Ilrength, p.29ç The afts of faith in refpeta of there promifes of victory in temptation. I. Faith makes fenfible that we cannot refill ofourfelves: but affureth that Satan is chained up by the power ofAlmighty God, z, It dilcovereth the Me Me- thods of Satan and his Ends in tempting, s 6 3. Jr lifteth up the heart o cry and complaire untoGod of the cruelty and malice ofthat fpi_ ritual! Adverfary, but Puffers it nottto mule upon his blafphe- mous temptations, p.296,297 4. By faith the poore foule eying thepromife, betakes it felfe unto the Lordfor fuccourpromi- fed, 1D-297 fat