Ball - BT770 B3 1637

contained in thisfecondPart. It is necefilary to beleeve thefe prornifes,for, t. Faith in thefe promifes doth kill covetous delires , di- ftruftfull and diftrafting cares, p. 35°,35[ 2. Hee will never renounce carnalifupports, who makes not God the flayof his foule for out- ward things, P.35 t 3. Beleefe in God brings good fucceffe, ibid. 4. If wee cleave not to the promifes of God madeconcerning temporal! things, weshall adhere to the promifesof life with leffé affurance, ibid. 5. Faith fweetneth and fan- ftifieth unto ustheufe of all out- ward comforts under our hands , P35z The godly are allowed to live by faith touching thefe promifes: For, r. Seeing God hath given Chrif} for us , how (hall hec not with him alto freely give us all things ? P.357- z. The Lord by covenant hath promifed to furnífh his peo- ple with all needfull bleffings pertaining to this life, p.353 3. God isourtaithfullCrc- atour, we theworke ofhis hands : Heis our Shepheard, we the flock of his panure: He is our Father, we hischildren, p.314,354 4. The patient expectation ofthe Saints hath confirmed this, that God will not bee wanting to his children in things ofthis life, P°355 The a&s of faith in refpeft of thefe promifes. a. It preferveth from the ufe ofallunlawful!meanes, knowing that nothing can profper which God approvethnot, p.356 z. Faith is painful', provi- dent and frugali, p. 357 ;. It maketh enquiry into the heart , turneth from eviil,and feeketh the face of theLordear- neffly, ibid. 4. It ftirreth up to pray without diftruftfull,fruitleife, ex- ceflivecare, &c. P.358 5. It feeth riches in God , fubmirteth tohis wifdome , reft- ah inhis love and fo maintain- neth a Chriftian in forne meafure ofcontentation; ibid. 6. In profperity it keepeth the heart in an holy temper and difpofition 5 in humility and meekneffe, tendernefïeand com- paffion, P359 7. It prayeth as earneftlyfor the fanftification of profperity, and Gods bleffing upon the meanes , as for the meanes them- felves ifthey were wanting, pag. 36o 8. It makes heavenly min- ded in the ufe and poffeffion ofa profperous eftate, p. ;60,36r 9. Faith breeds godly jealou- fie and fufpition , leaftthe heart fhould be drawne away with the pleafing delights ofthings tranfi- tory, so. It minded/ us of our change, even when our moon- raine feemethftrongeft, p:36z How to live by faith in the ufe of meat and drinke. s s. Byfaith welearne out of the Word of God, who hath fonne-like intereft and title unto the creatures , what creatures are fantlified untoour ufe, and how each man mull fan&ifie them by a