Ball - BT770 B3 1637

e.4Tableof theprincipali matters a reverent and holy ufe, p.363 i z. It receiveth them not as the fruit of our ,fore-caft, la- bour , or defert, but as gifts of Gods bounty, yea as gifts of the gracious covenant, ibid. 3. By faith wee are taught , that man liveth not by breadon- ly, but by theprovidence ofGod, and his blefling upon his own or- dinance, p.364 This perfwafion takes the heart offthe creature, and lifteth it up unto the Lord in earneft and pertinent prayer, ibid. 4.Itteacheth to he heavenly minded, labouring to tafle Gods goodnefde , and feele his gracious prefence with our fpirits at our fweeteft feafts, ibid. g. faith worketh the heart to fobriety and moderation, vvatchfulneffe and feare , left it fhould bee enfnared and drawne away with thefe delights, p. 365 36G 6. It lifteth up the foule in thankfgiving, p.366,367 7. Faith is frugali, com- paffionate, indufirious, pug. 367 CHAP. I X. THe Lord calls for willing, lj checrefull, univerfall, unfar- ned, confiant obedience, pag.367 368 Looke what fervice the Lord doth expert and call for,thathe will finable his people in cove- nant to performe, p. 368,369 The obedience of the faithfull is impeded, but pleafing, p. 3 69 37o This faith is moil neceffary to the leading of aChrifianlife,foil. torat upon God for ability to doe what hee requireth, &c. For, e. Theword ofgrace teach- eth us to deny ungodliness &c.37i z. Want of beleeving the precepts is the caufe why many do flit l continue in the pra &ice ofdi- vers things inconvenient , ibid. 3. ignorance in this point is the caufe why fome of the better fort ofpeople are oftand on, &c. ibid. 4. Faith carrieth aman whi. therfoever hee (hall fee theLord to goe before him, ibid, f. Our prefent faith is com- menfurable to our fidelity in Gods Commandements, pag.37 37e 6. That a& cannot pleafe God which is not animated by faith , p37z 7. When aChi titian knows not whether hee (hail have ftrength todoe what God requi. reth,or hispoore fervice (hall find acceptance it muff needs occafi- onmany feares anddoubts, dead - neffe and unchearefulneffe,p. 372, 8. Confidence in God to be inabled,flrengthened, and accep- ted , will cut offtemptations and difcouragemenrs , and nouti(h courage, refolution, and forward- mile in well doing, p.37; Chriftians areallowed to beleeve that God will finable them to walke in obedience. I. God hash promifed in his covenant to teach them the way that they fhall chufe, p.374 z. When he fends forth his fervants upon any bufinefle, hee doth evermore promife to aidand affifl