Ball - BT770 B3 1637

ATableoftheprincipal matters dvvelleth in us as the founraine of life, and that in him wee are deli- vered from the guilt and punish. ment ofall our finites, ibid. z. By this faith wee may come to found reff and holy feu- rity about our falvation from time to time, p.4%6 ;. If God lead us into the darke, by this faith wee are enabled to thehand, ibid. 4, Hereby the rageof finne is.weakened, and we have grace towalke in nevvneffeof life, and all the parts. of it with joy and chearefulnel1e, ibid. f. By is wee walke in our callings chearefully , honefIly painfully,&c. ibid. 6. this faith teacheth us to prayat all times as our neceí flues require. ibid. 7. lithe aflikìioa beevery grievous atd of long continu- ance, faithBoth neither quaile,,ior ceafe tofakehelpe, p.4 t. 8, The life of faith thall end in joy and comfort, ibid. Hee'that hath learned to live by faith, fha1L alto die in' faith, ibid..