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sontainedin thü¡econdpart. S. By faith wee receive Chrift offering himfelfe freely to CRAP. X I I. be coneraCted unto us, pag.417 418 e faithfull are bound , and 6. By faith wee refigne up l it is behovefull for then to our felves unto Jefus Chrift, and believe the threatnings, p.4z1 w ingly yeeld foule and body The godly man is not fLvithly unto him. p.418 to feare falling away or run- 7.Faith feedeth uponChrift, ning intodefiru&ton; but wife- and fucketh vigour from him, lyre) believe the threatnings to ibid. prevent falling into finne, and 8. with of ureth of that fo intocondemnation, p.42.2, fpirituall contra& which hath z. The threatnings are part palled betwixt Chrift and the oftheWord of God, ibid. Cltrillian foule; and is fealed in z. In the fiate of innocency the Sacrament, p.418.419 there was tile of threatnings, fo is 9. It ftirreth up joy and there in the flare ofgrace, ibid. thankfulnelfe, with ferious to- 3.Promifes and threatnings membraneof the .manifold bief- mingled, fit our flare, and ferve fangs, which in Chrift Jefus are to keepe the heart in the bell tent- vouehfafed. p 459.42o per, 422..423 Meanes to flirre up our (elves The afts of faith in refpeéi of the to receive the Lords Supper in threatnings. faith. r. It worketh humbleneffe I. Wee muff bewaile our ofmind and heart, 13,423 anbeliefe, dulnefiè, earthly-min- 2. It bringeth forth awful.. dednefîe,the diftemperofour fpi- nef e,reverence and feare, p.423 rituali tafte,&c. p-4 co 42 z. Confider how freely the 3. It ftirreth up continual! Lord cloth tender Chrift to bee watchfulnefre to !bun whatfoe- received in his Word andSacra- vet might breed danger, or pro- ment. ibid. cure Gods difpleafure, p4?4 ;. Weigh and confider the 4 The threatnings min- bleffed fiate and condition of gled withfaith, caufe forrowfull them, who bee reconciled unto melting or relentingof heart for God,&e. ibid. fìnne committed, P.424.425' 4. Having troth -plighted S. When wee fee by faith otmr felves to Jefus'Crrifl: unfai_ from what miferies we are deli- nedly, Wee muff awaken and vered, of the free grace and mercy rowfe up our foules to rejoyce in ofGod, our hearts areenlarged in him. Pi42I praife and thanksgiving, p as This lifeoffaith is moft excellent and comfortable: for, I. By faith wee aredirteted to feeke and follow after Chrift, till we come to be of cared that he a dwel-