Ball - BT770 B3 1637

A TREATISE OF FAITH. The firf Tart. CHAP. L Ofthediversacceptations ofFaith. T is expedient andnecefl'ary that all 4. r. Chrifhians should acquaint them- The necefsitie felves with the do&ring of Faith, ofFaith. because the fafetie ofall Chriflian Religion doth depend upon the right underflanding of this mat- ter , and Satan with his fubtleties bath ever endevoured to obfcure this do&rine by the miffs of So- phifines, ortoweaken it fomeother wayes , that he might robGodof hisglory , and the Churchof the certaintyof herfalvation. And if the.neceflity ofa thingknowne and acknowledged Iliac up to enquire into it , and labour B after