Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Diversacceptations of the word Faith. after it,this alfomayprovoke us tofearch and enquire what faith is. Faith isof the numberof thofe neceffary things which are neceífarily required to the obtaining of others ; and not of tholewhich are wrought by compulfon, or by any neceffary cautecompelling. As if a man would fee,hemult open his eyes,and yet he isnot by external] violence forced I r H`b.3 x.6. thereunto. a. No unbeleever can pleaíè God : for how John3.16,1R, hewho is incredulousand divided fromGod,pleafe t5 35 3 ') himwho is moll true anditithfull ? Salvation isinthe le Rom. ;.z8. I Cor.I.zd. 2. z Cor.s.6,7. 3 4 Aea Rom- 3.28. §. 2. Divers accep- tations ofthe 7a+ord.Fatth. Mat.z3.23. Rrvm.3.3. Gal.s.zz. Titus z.Io. z Rom.zz.3. & I4.3,21. Aas 17.31. 4 Sure and power ofGod , which he difpenceth according to his own, not our will. But heaccepteth none as righteous to life, but their that beleeve, 2. The qualityof this pre- lent life and ourhabitarion,in which we are abfent from the f Lord,doth evidence the necefliryof faith : asa fonne that lives from theprefènce ofhis Father mutt beleeve his let- ters and meffengers Pent untohim. 3. The qualityof things neceffary tobe knowne for the obtaining of falvation is filch, that they cannot be apprehended or received without it. As in humane things the quality of Arts and Sciences is filch, that they require underífanding, becaufe they can- not be conceived without it : fo in things divine faith is re- quifite, without which wecan never comprehend the my- fteries of falvation. 4. Thegifts which God bet-towed] up-, on hischildren, the graces which the HolyGhoft Both workein their hearts, doe neceffarilyrequire faith by the ordinance anddeterminationof the Lord. §. 2. The word Faith in Scripture is taken diverfly. I. Itis put fortruth, fidelitieor faithfulneffe , conftancie and juftice in word and aftion,promife or accomplifhmenr. 2. By faith fometimes true Chriftian knowledge and per- f,'vafion, or themeafure thereofis tohe underftood fpeci- ally the found knowledge of Chrihian liberty in Jefus Chriít. 3, 7t noteth a lure teffimonie, or fume demonftra- tionof a thing tocome. 4. It fignifieth thedorineofthe Col-pelf, and foChrifi the fubje t of the Scripture , which preacheth falvation, to be no otherwife but by faith in Chrift: