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8 Faith u imperfeif, though a workeofthe Spirit. Heb.:z.z. car.4.i3. Rom.15 13. How Ive arefail to receive th, Holy ghojl byfaith. Ephef. i.i 3. Ga1.3. tq. Joh.s.T6_ How the. Spirit b obtained by Frayer. §. 3 . Faith is imperfel£, though es workeof theSpirit. Faith is the worke ofGod the Father in Jefiis Chrifl. For, as the naturall head clothnot onely givefenf and mo- tion to all the members now conjoyned , but doth fend forth thofebands, whereby they come tobee coupled with it foChrift doth not onely give fpirituall fenceand motion to his members alreadyunitedunto him by faith, but hee is thefpringwhence this finewof faithdoth flowand iffue unto us. The Spirit of God is theprincipali worker offaith : and hence we arefaid toreceive the Spirit offaith, that is, the HolyGhoft, in and through this gift of faith, which hee worketh andcontinueth in us. By faith wereceive theHo- lyGhoft: and faith is the workeofthe Holy Ghoft. The aelion of the Holy Ghoft creating faith in us, is before faith: But the beginning of faith is the receivingof the HolyGhoft ; and faith being begun, thegifts of the-fpirit are more and more increafedby ir. Faith itfelfe is aworke ofthe fpirit but anaugmentationofthegraces ofthelpi- rit isobtained by faith ; and themore our faithdilateth it felfe, themore plentifullydoethegraces of the fpirit flow intous fromChrift; Of whofe fulneffe wee receive grace forgrace. Faithdoth obtairte the Holy'Ghoft byprayer : and prayer is an aft of grace and of the Spirit, as faith is a work of theSpirit. Before wee can lift up our foules unto God, the Holy Gholt muff defcend into us, and lift us up for wee move not-, but as wee are moved. The Holy Ghoft is given to the Ele& before they aske : but a greater meal-ire ofthe Spirit is obtained by prayer. §. 3. Faith is not alike in all, innoneperfe î, though it bethelworke of,tk -Spi it4 for the Spirit worketh faith, not asa naturall"a t , which putteth forth its: power to the uttermoft, andaiwayes produceth likeefeas,.ifit be nothindered : butas avoluntarie agent, which puttethnot forth hispower: to the ,utmoft, worketh according to his pleafurein-whRt??.bee will,caBd; hee.:will, bur.not lP all, alike. The