Ball - BT770 B3 1637

God ú ¡he Author ofFaith. 7 defined, a lively and obedientiall alliance or confidence, É whereby wee rea upon Chrif+ for faIvation , receive the promilès of grace temporali and fpirituall , flick to the Commandements as good both (imply and in comparifon, and feed upon the word with favour and delight. More largely, It is a wonderfull and fupernaturall gift of grace, wrought by theHolyGhoí+, through the mini lerie of the GofpeI, in the heart ofman a finner,acknowledginà andbe- wailing his offences, whereby heedoth not onelyaffent to thewhole truth ofGod, and is certainlypertwaded that Je- fus Chrif+is appointedofGod tobe the Author of falvation to them that beleeve in him, and his Saviour ifbee doe be- leeve : but doth relye, caf+, and repofe his fouleupon Chrif+ his Saviour,änd by himupon Godas a lovingFather inhim, cleaving infeparablyto the Word of truth, as good both limply and in comparifon, and feedingupon it as thewhol- fomefoodof life. §. 2. God theFather, in his Sonne Jefus Chrif+our Me- §. _. diatour by Holy the I Ghof+ , worker of theAuthour and work c °d,5 the ""' thor ofFaith. Faith. Asfalvation, fofaith is thegift ofGod. It is through Ephefz 8. gracethat men beleeve. No man cancomeunto mee, ex- Á 5'Ì8'2 ceptthe Father which bath fent mee, draw him. Everie 40h644. goodthingcomesfrom the Father of lights: but faith is a JJam.L17. giftaftera fpeciall manner,mof+ free, and profitable, com- mingfrom thegrace of theDonor, be(+oweduponus when wee are everie way unworthy. It is Inch agift as comes not from commonboantie, filch as Godmade thew ofin thecreation: butfrom a fpeciallfavour, whichhee beareth his in Chrif+ jefus. The Scripture is cleare and evident herein,&wrong reafons maybe deduced thencetoprove it. Forof ourfelves wee have no poWerto beleeve, or topre- pare our felves thereunto. There is no filch foile in our hearts , whence fuch fruit fhótáld fpring. The nleanes of grace, and the operationof theSpirit accompanyingit, are freeandvoluntarie. Noman canbeleeve, unieflehe be cre- ated'ancf formed anew : but'regeneration isa freework of Gods grace and mercie. B 4_ ____ Faith