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Faith fT thegifi of God, anda ofMan. I I intoman, wherebyhee giveth towill tocome unto Chrifl, andto enjoy him. The firflr worke of God is fignified in I Scripture, by opening theeyes oftheunderftanding: the le- cond by Gods drawing : both, at leaf) figuratively, by Lt:k.a.45 theopeningof theeare, theopening of theheart, thetaking gay; 4: away the heartof_tone, and givinganheart offlefh. This Ats,.r,.. fecondwork is requifite to faith : for asa dead man candoe Fz.k.xtt9 no a&of life until)a living foule be breathed intohim ; nor ablind eye fee,unleffe new lightbe givenunto it: no more canman, dead in trefpafl'es and finnes,move himfelfe to re- ceive the promifes of grace, untill the free and gracious dilpofition, or habit of faith be infufed, whereby the will is inclined agreeably to the difpofitionof it, tocomeun- to God. As mancannot naturally fee orperceive the things r Cor2. 4 of God; no more can hee naturally will or delire them. And this is apparent by the hardneff'e of mans heart that ñ6z 5: cannot repent,tillGod mollitieit; and by his fliffe-necked- nef a and flubbornneffe to refifltheHoly Spirit (peakingin the miniflerie of the Word, untill hee bee renewed and changedbygrace. This habit offaith is received, not byany naturalt difpo- fitionofwill in us toheavenly things, for thenman fhould live fpirituallyofhimfelfe, before the life ofgracebe put in- tohim : but the heart, ask Hands inobedience to Gods Almightie power, totake what fiamp bee fhall imprint, to follow himwhitherhe_hall draw, and to containewhathee powreth intoit, admitteth this habit. fo the increafe and progreffe, the The is fe of And as the beginning, p b faith is ofGod confummation and perfeó}ion of faith is the gift ofGod, Heb.72:2. theworkofthe Spirit. OfGod theincreafeoffaith is tobe Mák 9.2.1. asked, and fromhim it isreceived. As wee cannot will to Ph;i.z beleeve, unleffeGod prepare theheart and give thatwill ; 2, Theff.z.3,íz nomore can wee willto perfevere in faith, or goe forward therein,unlefl'e Goddoeminifler flrength, and fuflaineus by his grace. § s. §. 5. Faith then is the gift ofGod, and thea&ofman : Faith IS the g;ft a wonderful). and fupernaturall gift of God, and a lively °f c°a, and the p g a$ofMan motion