Ball - BT770 B3 1637

AIM 12 Faithwrought by theword. motion of the heart renewed by grace, and powerfully movedby the Spirit. Thepower tobeleeve, and willto nffe that power, is ofGod : But the aßì ofthewill in reffing up- on Chri i is mans.It is manthat beleeveth,but irisGodon- ly and altogether that inableth,tirrethup, putteth forward, and enclineth the heart tobeleeve. By Godsenlightening man feeth,byhis teachinghe underl}ands : and the Lord in- clininghis will, heewilleth, embraceth, poffefïethandkee peth Chri + with all bleflings promifed in him. So that faith is themotionof mans heart wrought in him by the Spirit ofGod. Even as a wheele, whichof it felfe can- not move , yet being moved of another , doth move ; whole motion though but one, is faidtobe the motion of themover, andofthe thingmoved ; fo faith is nothing but the a&kion ofGodinman, but confidered ima diverteman- ner it is both theaóì of God and man: as wrought by God in man, it is the workofthe Lord ; as the motionof man, his heart beingmoved ofGod, it is thea9ofman. For the aetionof manin beleeving with the heart, is nothing but his knowing and acknowledging of things, byGods ma- king him know and acknowledge them ; hisapprehending, willing,chufing, embracing, and retaining them, byGods makinghimtoapprehend, will,chufe, embraceand retaine them. It is true, thatwee beleeve, becaufe wee will Beleeve : but, we will beleeve, doth note not theprincipali caufe, but a caufe fubordinate, working by way of free difpofition, which difpofition it receiveth from an higher caufe, not Hab.2.4. fromnaturall arength. The juJJl: is Paid to liveby his owne faith, and faith is called ours, or ourowne , not that we are theAuthours, caufe,or workers ofit, but becaufe wee pof- feffeit, and are the fpeciall fubjed}s inwhich it is wrought byGod; andalto becaufe it concernes ourfelves inparticu- lar, andWhat webeleevewebeleeve it particularly concer- ningour felves. 5. e. §. 6. Not todifputewhether God doth extraordinari- F41 h wrought by ly worke faith in the hearts ofmen, without the exrer- nail