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Faith preAppoferhknowledge. The conclufónis, thatwemuff waite daily at the polls ofwifedomesgate, meditate ferioufly upon the word of life, and nonrifh themotions ofGods Spirit, as themeans wherebyfaith is begun and encreafedinus. CHAP. III. Of Jut;lying.Faith ,what it is,and what things are implied therein. Iütlifying faith prefuppofeth the knowledge of God andChria, of theprecepts ofthe Word, and 4. I promifes of the Gofpel Knowledge is an antecedent, if Friirhpref`p- not a part of faith. Knowledge, Ifay, not of the reafon dg eep know- andnatureofthe things, but of revelation which refis in themeaningofthe teilirnony diaincily underflood. The things which God commandeth us tobeleeve exceed all naturali capacity , cannotbeeknowne in theirefl'ence and properties, as things naturali are by the light of reafon : But every beleever mutt know it tobee the Word ofGod which he receiveth , and what isfignified thereby,and the things tobeeas theyare revealed, thoughhe cannot corn-. prebend the reafonor calks ofthem. Knowledge is put forfaith, as that which ever accompanieth it. WhenGod enricheth menwith faith, bee is Paid to open their ekes, to reveale;into them themyffery ofhis will, and they are faid tobe taught and infPrutled o fhim. Out ofqueffion,faith is a mollwifegrace, making them-that bee endued therewith wife unto salvation , and that evident to the beleever which of it felfe is incomprehenfible. In faith'hifioricall there muffbee knowledge of the hiflory and truthof the Goinel much more in faith jùtlifying. Thereis filch re- lation betwixt Faith and the Word, that without the Word.therecanbe noFaith; as the foundation being taken away, that which fhould bee built upon it cannot (land. Theorder whereby men are brought to the faith) is this ; fir(I they heareand then theybeleeve. Faith isan affent to the job 19.25'. John r 7.3. z Tim. 1.12. z Tim.z.7. A&s 16.18. Mat.1r.S,z.G. John 5.4.. t John t Jolin zo.3r, Romao.17. Efay 55.3. r Tim.4,6. Col.r.d & z.z. ìtts 4.4.,_ t /ï