Ball - BT770 B3 1637

4 popifb Objeffiontprevented. the truthandpromifesofGod. But no afl'ent can be given toa thing utterlyunknown. What is more abfurd than to dreameof ablind affent toweknow notwhat , toa thing we never heard of? Howfoever faith apprehends myf eries not to be inqui- red into , yet the propofitionand do&rineof all the Ar- ticlesoffaithmult bediltin&ly conceived, that-a man be PopiJ6i o1)e17i able to underflandwhat they are. If a mancannot give a onr prevented. reafon of the thing beleeved,he mullbe able to give a rea- z Cor.10 5. fonof his beleefe. Faith captivatesour underflanding un- Pelf. to the obedienceof Chrift, but is not ignorant of Chrifi, 1`b' I r' 7. or of his do&rine. It giveth credit andfubmitteth to the truth acknowledged, though it feeme abfurd to carnali realòn,but it cherifhethnot ignorance ofdivine myfleries exceedingall humane capacitie. It fubje&eth reafon to the doSlrine.of God and his revelation, but it neither extin- guifheth thenatureof man, nor the light of reafon. Faith is not a brutifhcaptivitie,which yeelds up her eyes tobe put out : but the underftandingreceiving a more excellent fight by faith, yeelds up the worfe, and dothnot lofe her light, but exchange it for thebetter. There is a double affent ; one from reafon,the other fromauthority: both are made with the knowledge of the Minde. Knowledge is includedin both ; in theone of the caufe and properties, whichis ftri&ly called Science ; in the otherof the autho- rityand truth of the revealer, and in that refpe& of the Rom. TO. c4, t7. thingtaught, which iscalled Faith. How (hallwe beleeve in z Cor.4.14. him ofwhomwe have notheard? There is nofight without Bell. ubifupra. fome vifible obje&, no faith without the knowledge of God in Chrift. Though knowledge be not faith , but an habit diftin& from ir, yet it concurres to thebeing of faith , in as much as no man can affent to that he neverheard of.Wífedomeis . diffinguifhed from knowledge as a thing more excellent, whichyetit prefuppofeth : fò faith is diftinguifhed from knowledge, but cannot be without. it. The knowledge r which hathno ingredience into faith, is the knowledge of