Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Faith f groundedon foundknowledge. 17 of thatwhich is not revealed : forfaith notonely goethbe- fore fuchknowledge, bututterly repels it, never admitting anycurious fearch intoGods fecrets. But in things revea- led faithknöweth what it beleeveth , and by beleeving knoweth themore. Faith is the caufeofmore ample know- ledge : but forne knowledge ofGods will and pleafure is antecedent tofaith. And this knowledge muff be diftin61, found, and cer- T# khntotnke taine. For faithdivine is fure and certaine : therefore the mail bed`ft=pt, jaund etrtasae. knowledge whereupon it is grounded mull be fuch as cannot deceive. Theaflent which faith gives to the Word of God is abfolute and unlimited, which can never bee yeelded,unleffe being certaine in it felfe, weeknow it cer- tainelyas itis, and be allured that we conceive ofit aright. a The examinationof Doctrines by the touchf}one is corn- a r The.A.S. manded of God , b and wonderfully commended by the 0, 16. HolyChore : c the neglea of examining what wee heave, r Joh,4.r. dothbringgreat perill anddanger for fuch as receive do_ b Ails rß.11,12. c r$ey..r,2o, &trinesupon thecreditoftheir Teachers are ever unfetled2 2r. a t tobe feduced, and ready to fart backin timeof trou- Atb 15.1,24 p d Pfal.rz9.4, ble. d Gertaine knowledge is tobe beggedof God, both 34,73,144 for our felves and others : and e thanks have beetle and Col./.9. &zz. e Ephef. 1.1417. fhouldbegiven to God forthis grace and mercie vouchfa- 2 cor.s.j. fedunto theSaints. Hafrtu contra Brent, Lib.;. ThePapiashave much extolled theCoIliars faith, corn- %War. de My: mended ignorance, and difgraced knowledge, as if faith. 1°e7.ß Jadi- were much better defined by ignorance, than by know- ""m' ledge : but when they are preffed with evidenceof Scrip- ture in this point, theygrant that knowledge inall funda- mentall pointsofReligion is neceffary for laypeople : and would colour the matter, as ifthey meant the knowledge ofreafonwasnotneceffarie tofaith, but of revelation one- ly. Not todiputeof their meaningin thole propofitions, their words and radice, andmatter i ltreatedof, (though T.ry:P.inhis fufñciently argue the vanttie of that excufe) wee maytake ofD ivculat ion them as theyfay, and fpare labour toprove that faith can- not be a blind agent , becaufe wee have their confeffion C for