Ball - BT770 B3 1637

26 2 Chron.32.8. Pfal.9 r:5,6. Plel.rr28 Ifa.z 5.y, 3, t, Pfal.228. P(á1.37.5. Pcov.r6; a b Pfa1.6x.E,7. c Pfal.r.22 &¡; 34 Mark. i6.r6. Efay 26.3. Rom.S.r. Pfal.22.s. Pfal. rr z.9,8. Heb 20.3 8. d March 9.2,22. tuk5.w. iJoh.5.23,24. Aas Luk.r62r. Rom.3.z. &4.29. Mack.rr.24. Faith is anaf fiante or confidence. Hezekiah, comforting them againf+ the rage of Senache- rib. This word is coupled fometinnes withone or twoO- thers ; Thou art my hope, OLord God, thou artmy true frommyyouth. By thee have IBeene holden up, orunder- propped from the womb. Hee fhall_not beeafraidfor evill tidings ; his heart isfixed, trufling in theLord. His heart', is eflablifhed,hee(hall not beRfrail, untilheefeehis defire upon his enemies. Openyee the owes, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth, mayenter in. Thou wilt keephim inperfeft:peace,whofe mindis flayed onthee; be- caufe he trufleth in thee. Trulyee inthe Lordfor ever: forin the LordJehovah is everlaftingflrength. Thefxth wordfignifies, to roll,or taehimfelfe upon the Lord; as a-man, indanger of.drowning, catcheth fart hold offomewillow, or other thing that hangethover thewater, andas at hand or as hee that is preflèd with a greivous burdenabove his ffrength, .eafeth himfelfe, refling it upon fomepo(forblock that Is able tobeareit. He trailed inthe Lord thathewoulddeliver him: let himdeliver him,fee- ing he rolled himfelfe on the Lord. Rollthy .wayupon the Lord; truJt in him, andhe (hall bringit to pale. 7011 thy worksupontheLord, and thy thoughts/hall be eflablifbed. a To troll inman is tomake man his arme, lettinghis heart gooback fromGod and to truft inGod, is toplace our flrength inhim. In the Scriptures,confidence isof put forfaith,and traf} expoundedbybeleefe c as where theOId Teflament corn- mandeth truff, theNewTeflament requireth faith : and in theNew Teflament the fame things are attributed tofaith and beleevers, which in the OldMt-lament are attributed toconfidence, and them that trug in the Lord. In theNew d Teflament,Faith andbeleefe are put for trufl and affiance: andto beleeve is not only toaflent, but to ref+ upon and embrace. The phrafe which the Holy Ghoft molt com- monly ufeth toexprefle Beleevingin Chrift,is neitherin theGreekTranflationofthe OldTeflament, nor (for ought hathbeeneyetobferved) in any GreekAuthor whatfoever, except