Ball - BT770 B3 1637

1.141rrrr Faith it anaffianceor confidence. 27 except thofe that did write fine, and tooke it from the Scripture. Tobeleeve in God,or in Chrifl, is forfubflance and fenfe, to unit to God , or Chrifl and this kind of fpeech is ufuall amongfl GreekWriters. To help us inthe pral.2.=2. underflandingof this matter, the Seventie in their Greek 2 chron. pfa1.77. afford anotherphrafemarvellous ígnificant To beleeveon, ___ = -a= or upon God. This the Holy Ghofl ufeth often : but withall Sept. e sit hebecomes the Authorof a new e phrafe himfelfe, tomake At s 19.4. and us themore eafily and fullyunderfland what faith beemea- Y Y Matth.v.42. neth in the matter ofour Juflification. And though the J9h1.12 =z z phrafebe fometimes ufed, when trueand lively confidence r 14h & isnot underflood ; yet it is more than probable, that the Holy Ghofl, by thisnewmanner offpeech,would propound fomewhatmore than bare affenting to the truthofwhatwas promifed. And if wee confider the paffages of Scripture, whereinthe phrafe is ufed, it willbee plaine and evident. Tohimthat workfth not, but beleeveth onhim that jufli- Rom-1.5. faith the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteoufneffe. What is this,Beleevethon him thatjuflifeth theungodly? no more, but beleevingthofe things tobee true, whichhee affirmeth, who juflifieth the ungodly ? that is notprobable. Behold, Ilay in SionaHumblingflorae,and rock. of offence; Rom.9.; 3. andmhofoever beleeveth on him,(hall not be afbamed.'How = Pet.2.6. can a man beleeve on this rock, unleffe he leane upon it, or flick and adhere unto it ? Faith lookethat thepromifes as true, andputteth forth it felfe, to receive and embrace themas good ; which can- notbe done by a bare perfvalionof themind. If thepro- mifes were onely true, but no wayes beneficial], there might bee an affured perfwafion of them inmind, without any affe6tion or movingof will towards them : But faith adhereth to theword as good tomee, as well as truein it felfe, which cannot bee done without a godly affe&ion embracingit. TobeleeveonChrit,is,to receive him. And "óZ6;° what is this receiving? Not onely a comprehenfion of theunderflanding, but an embracing of theheart andaffe- ¿tion, laying hold onhim, aswee take that with thehands which