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p f As iA.3t. Rom.9.33. t Pet.z.'. job 444. & 3 i5. & 9.35,36. Matda.t6.16 Juhza.3t. [email protected]. t COCA í.z3,4 Aás 8.37. Joh.4.z5. Marks -z4. Faith is an ailiaezceorconftdence. which isreached unto us. Beleeving on Chriais implyed in thephrafeofgoing, or comming to Chrifl; which going, no doubt, is rather a fpirituall motionof theheart and affe- ótions towards Chria, than a contemplation ofthe mind contented to fee and behold him, TheHoly Ghoul, fpeakingofjuflifying faith,doth ufe the entire phrafe fof faith in Godand Chrift, or on God and Chri., whicheither there orelfewhere is declaredbycon- fidence, ortrua in God andChria. And the famemull be underftood, whennothing isadded, g butlifeorjuflificati- on is attributed tobeleefe, that Jefzcs Chrifl is the fon of God. Forit isa generali rule, that words ofknowledge are words ofaffe&ion, much morewordsofbeleefe. As the people ofGod looked for theMeffias, fo accor- ding to the prophecies, they promifed`to themfelves all goodin & by theMefsias. Thewoman of Samaria could fay,WhentheMeffias commeth, heWillteach ats all things : Wherewemay fee, that therewas not onely a knowledge of Chria tocome, but an expectation and hope placed in him, as in whom all good things pronged, fhould bee ac- complifhed. So that if weeconfider thedifpofitionof the people, whole hope didhangon theMeffias,we mayplain- ly underftand, that tobeleeve theMeffias, isnotonely to know,buttohaveanaffiance inhim. Ifby beleeving thatJefus is. Chrift, nomorebee meant but bare affentingunto that truth, then the Devilsprofeffe asmuch. But that beleefe to which life is afcribed is not abare a&ion of the underflanding, but of the heart and will. It is fuch abeleefe, as whereby Chrifl is toour hearts that which wee beleeve him tobe : wherebywee come to Chrifl, beleeve in him, and rea upon him for falvation: wherebywee beleeve to our owne ufe and comfort that which weebeleeve. It is fuchabeleefe as de fireth,feeketh, embraceth, holdeth, joyeth in that which it beleeveth, be- caufe therein it feethpeace; wherebywee fo beleeve, that Jefùs is Chria, as that according to that webeleeve himto b°, weput our truaandconfidence in him, The