Ball - BT770 B3 1637

3o Popsfb OhjeEtion5prevented. EpE:eG3.72. Tear.deyuff. fil.r. cap.6. §.g,wte. joh.48.; I. Rum. í.t,2,3. & 8.33. and inchoation ofthe good promifed. That faith is an af- lent to divine revelation, that it is in the underflanding, and that the a6t offaith is to underfland, no mandenyeth : but it is an aíffent conjoyned with affiance, not a bare, but fiduciallafient: which is referred to God as heels faith- full inperforming promifes, as hope is referred tohim, as hee hash power and authoritie toperforme whatfoever bee bath promifed. The Apoflie faith, Wee have boldneffe andaccefe, with confidence by thefaithof Chrirt : which paflage loth rather prove faith to bee confidence, than otherwife for confi- dencemaybe joyned to faith as hisproper paillon. A man is Paid to worke by reafon, becaufe bee is reafonable: fo faith to come untoGod with confidence, becaufeit is fi- duciall. Nothing can make another thing hot, which bath not heat in it felfe; nor could faith ingender confi- dence in thebeleever, if initsownenature it didnot con- ninethe fame. God is love efl'entiallyand originally, and yet hee worketh love in us, another kindoflove, which is an image and effe&of his love. Love in which wee ob- ferve the Commandements, is the formali efle&oflove, the efh&s of love flow from Jove. As theeffe& is, fo is thecaufe. Can thewaters bee fweet, if the fountaitie bee bitter? Confidence accompanying faith refpe&&eth all the promïfes ofGod, and is the flore-houle ofall particular confidence : the confidence wrought by faith, is the par- ticular applicationofthis generali confidence. Confidence confidered as it doth embrace Chriff with a certaineaffi- ance, is the formeof faith: as it begettethin us quietnefïe ofconfcience, andconfidenceof libertie, it is an effe&of faith. The meaningof theApofale feemeth to bee this; Becaufe wee are reconciled unto God by faith in Chrifi, therefore in confidence (or confidently) wee come unto God, neither diflrufling nor doubting that wee have ac- cefle unto him. Sothat by confidence in Chrifl, weehave confidence inGod to.obtaine thofe things that wee [land in needof. Moreover, confidence isoppofed todoubting, when 4