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Bailh isan sbrdientiitll afjrance. when the underf1anding doth cleave to neither part of the contradiehion, but doth float betwixt both ; and todiffruft, when thewill doth chafenot to trun to thepromiter. And ifwe expound the wordsofthe Aponte in the paflhge he- forecited, of confidence as it is oppofed to doubting, the fènle runneth plainely. By faith wee have fo free and hall acceffe,that we doe not doubt, but wee (ball obtaine what we aske. §. 4. Faith is a lively obfequious affiance, joyned with an afieRionofpietie : for as it makes plea for mercie, fo it thruf+eth forward inobedience; as it unireth the heart to thepromifes, fo it glueth faa to the Commandements ; as David faith,. Teachmegoodjudgemext-andknoìvlédge,fer Ihave-beleeved thy Commandements. By faith Noah nso vedwith reverence,preparedthe Arl4efor thePavingofhis houfhold. ByfaithAbraham left his countrey and kindred, and forfook all flrange religions and idols to followGod Byfaithhe contentedly abode in the land ofCanaan, as ina ffrange land, and walkingfrom place toplace remained in tents, and in everie place (hewed his godly devotion in making an Altar, and calling upon the nameof the Lord : Hekindly yeelded tohis nephewLot, foravoiding of con- tention,; charitablyrefcued him when heewas taken prifò- ner; carefully provided a wife forhis fonlfaac; fervently intreated for the CitieofSodome; and meekly prayed for him that had taken his wife. Hee is honourably commen- dedby Godhimfelfè for his good infrruelionto his honk- hold, children andnotferitie, that they might walke in the wayes of the Lord : but above all otherhee approvedhis faith in this, that upon Gods Commandement he foreadily offeredup his ton I faac,being(after Ifmaels expulfion) his onely fon, his beloved fon, and concerning whom hee had received the promifèoflifeand falvation, and theellablifh- mentofthe Covenant. CA,'ofes content in this do6frine maybe found,, where God pronounceth the Lawof the ten Commandements, teaching all dutiesof good works to God and Man, Paying, 3L z Cor.i.xq,ij. z Cor.3.4: Cor..r. Cor/a.:. 4. 4. Faith sF an obedi- eatéall affiance. Piai.ir9 66. Heb 71.7. Gen./7.r. Htb.7r.8,9. Gen/3.8. and Genz4 i. Gen.8.iz3. and zz7. Gen.i8.i9, Heb./1 rry,