Ball - BT770 B3 1637

3a. Faithu an obedientiafiaffiance. Ex d.2o.r,2. faying, I am theLord thy Clod; hethereupon inferreth all Raenol. ,gpol. their obedience to thofe Commandements. For what is, The: Se0.4. Zaneb. de Re- do-Apt. lib.i.esß. 12. deprecept. Ti(en. Syntag. part.r. cap.36. §. 18,I9,28,29. `Perk='nr Golden Char. e, cap.xo.. tErn. explrc. catecb. 17e Deut.Gz2. Deut:26.17. 2 Chron. 16.v6. Pfa1.78.a. bYal.x6. Ga1. s.26. id. ro. Iam the Lord thy God,but thecovenant offaith tobe their God in the promife of Chrill ? upon this bee requiring obedience inà godly life, dothinfinuate, that they which beleeve God to be their God, mutt declare the fame by obedience to his Commandements. And therefore hee faith in another place, Beware thouforget nottheLord thy God, not keeping his Commandements : which theweth plainly, that where difobedience is, there is no faith : for how can hee have faith, that forgetteth him in whomhee fhould beleeve? And this doth C.MYlofes aimeat, whenbee faith, Thou avouchedthe Lord thisdayto be thy god, and towalke inhis Mayes, and to keeps his Statutes, and his Commandements, and his judgements, and to hearken unto hie voice. Wherebyit appeares, that unto faith in co- venanting withGod, this is aninfeparableconfeguent;that ifvve embraceGodby faith, weemuff andought to follow his Commandements by our deeds ; and bee that dothnot this latter, bewrayeth that hee bath not witha trueheart and faith received the former. To beleeve is not onely to give credence towhat the Scripture faith, but to embrace what is laidwith an entire adherenceoffoule, and tocleave unto it. Eiee that leaneth upon the Lord, his heart is upright before him: and hee, whole fpirit cleaveth not fiedfaftly unto the Lord, is in- credulous. Therefore the Prophets which expound the Law, in the perfon of God, fay thus; 4 Son honoureth his Father, and Servant his Mailer : If thenIbea Fa- ther,where is myhonour .? andif I be a Mafer,whereis my feare? Nowwee knowthat wee are Sonnesnowaybut by faith : Therefore this Prophet intendeth, that wee are not joyned to the Lordby faith, either ashis people, chil- dren, or fervants, orthat he is ourGod, Father andLord, except our faith be unfained and operative in honour and feare. AndanotherProphet faith, I'beleeved, thereforeI #4e, making it a molt aflured thing, that a lively faith will,