Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Affiancemuff be well-rooted, at command, or as it were underfhot, that it dares not fir to itsprejudice, but bylfealth ,orfomefecretadvantage, e- fpiedby the flesh unable to fland out againff it. It is of ffrength tomake refiffance again(( all opposition, and break the violenceof everie inclination contrarie tofuch motion as it fuggeffeth, having its force unitedbyclofe repofill in the heart. Tt curbeth unruly paflìons; as the power of a Kingdome doth eafily quell a company of Rogue:,, that make inrodes upon the borders, but cannot fet footing in the heart ofrhe Kingdome. `vVhatfoever is in the world, wherebywe might he drawne away fromGod, that is (jib- duedand vancquifhedby thepower offaith : The praviteof nature, thewiles ofSatan, all evill concupifcence, whatfo- ever is oppofite to theSpirit ofGod, that is brought under by the might offaith. Truest is, that our warfaredoth laff during life, ourcon- fliers aredaily, newand diverfebattels ate moved againff us by the enemy almoff everie moment : but in all thefe 2 Tim. I.12. faith is victorious. " his is thevictory wherebywe overcome Joh.5.4,5% the world, evèn our faith. Who is he that overcomes the pail..} I;. world,but he that beleeveth that Jefüs is the Son ofGod? I amable to do allthings through thriftthatftrengthens me. David firíf encounters a Lion anda Beare, and afterwards overcomes the great Çoliah : fo true and lively faith fira begins with perde deliresand paillons or filch temptations as are incident to ourprefent (fate andcalling and having gotten mafferie; bverthem,` li 11 increafeth as difficulties or oppofïtions multiply,until! at lengthSatan, the world, and the flefhbe brought into fubjeaion. But temporarie faith, keeping relidence onely in the our -faceof the heart, is o- veríßnayed and overborne in temptation by everie ilrong defif°e, dr deep-rooted pairion. Itmay perhaps fupprefle fòme one or few exorbitant paflions, and keep under the out-breachofIbmeothers ; but the passion it felfe doth ffill live, and beare fvay, tokeep faith out ofits throne, and in timewill prevailetochoake thefeedofgrace. 4. rro7kowb e. 4. theMoil humble ; a poore peti- tioner