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42 Popafb Objeilionsprevented. 1 Cor.x3 13. ?dam. ubi fupra §. Refpondeamu Heb.i:.6. In what refpeEís charitie derbm- obfaith, and faith charitie. EpheC3.17. Ga1.3.c.}. Chrifl : and goeth forth by charitie, whereby as a working hand it performeth all duties commandedof God, to the glorie and honour ofGod. What if lovebe themoll excellent ofall graces in force refpe6ts ? doth it thence follow,that it is the life of faith ? By the firm reafon wee may argue, whatfoever is not of faith isAnne, is ofuo efleeme or account withGod : there.. fore faith is the forme of all other graces. It followeth not, that becaufe the eye is a more excellent member than the foot, therefore the eye is the fouleand life ofthe foot : no more doth it, that becaufe charitie is a moreexcellent gift than faith, therefore it lhould be the life and foule offaith. Faithand love refpeetively have the preferment each of other. Inrefpeb} of fpirituall life faith is the moll necef- farie, upon which love hath neceffarie dependance; but otherwife to love ismore than tobeleeve, becaufe it ne- ceflarily includes beleefe : as to tafle meat inrefpe&oflife, is of moreufethan to love it,thoughabfolutely to lovemeat be more than to tafle ir, becaufe it prefuppofeth tafle. If wee refpe61 latitude ofufe, charitie ismore excellent than faith, aswhich is extended everie wayto God and men, and bywhich all the giftsof Godwhich he befloweth upon us, are made profitable to other men : But ifwee confider man privately inhimfelfe,and for his ovine ufe,faith is more excellent thancharitie, as whereby weeare radicallyunited untoChrifl,and wherein flandeth originally our fellowfhi p and communion with him; by which Chrifl dwelleth in our hearts,andwee receive thepromifed fpirit; intowhich as anhand, God putteth allthe richesof his grace for our falvation, and bywhich all aélsofgrace are quickened ; we feed uponChriff for the flrengtheningand nourifhmentof thefoule,andwhatfoever is inus is commended untoGod. Ifwerefpeél lengthof timeand continuance, charitie is to bee preferredbefore faith. For faith is but fora time, and when thepromifeof God (which is thematterand fihbje6l of it) fhall bee fully accomplifhed, the ufeofit (hall ceafe. When