Ball - BT770 B3 1637

Poptfb Objections prevented. 43 When faith paffeth into an open knowledge and revealed fightof the thing prefent, itchangeth both his nature and kind. But love abideth for ever, and (hall continue be- twixt God andus an everlaffing bond : It (hall bee greater and more vehement, but fhallaill retaine the fame nature and fubilance, albeit fome works which now it exercifeth (hall ceafe. The endof our faith is'charitie : but the foun- dationanddire&er oflove is faith faithalto is the vi&orie wherebywe overcome the world. To-fave a manfaith is the greater : in manbeing faved love is the greater. Till faith hath fini(hed our falvation, love muff yeeld to faith when faith hathfully faved us, it (hall have an end,for knowledge offight takes away faith ; but love(hall abidefor ever. hb folutely love is greater than faith, but whenwe fpeakeofthe meanesof Juflificarion, and attainement of that falvation, whereto perfeó charitie and righteoufnefledóth belong, then faithmuff be preferred as thegreater and more excel- lent. Faith onely.beareth fway therein: and this (lender and weake charitie which wee have, is of no effe& ormo- ment therennto, When the Apoífle makes comparifon betwixtthe body- without thefpirit, andfaithwithout worr,concluding that they are bothdead, hee cannot bee thought to make love the foule of faith. For hee fpeakes not of inrernall chari- tie which lodged) in the heart, but of externall works, which are outwardly vifible and apparent untomen, and cannot bee the life, but are the fruits and effè&sof faith. For that which iswithout and externall , cannot bee the life or foule ofthat which is within and internal] : nay, it felfebath from within all the life that it bath ; and if it re- ceive not life fromwithin, it is altogether dead. Works thereforebeing outward, and ïfIbing fromwithin, if they bee true, can in nogood confiru&jrnbee fain tobeethe life of faithwhich iswithin, brit to be the iffiaesand produ&i- ons of faith from which they fpring. Befides, the word tired by the Apol}le doth lignifie the breath, and fo the comparifon runneth plaine; As the bodyof a living crea- ture, James 2,260. Rí em..annot. in Jac.2 16. Sea.1 o.