Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The Preface to the Reader. them,how toufe theJhieldofFaith,and thefwordofthe Spirit uponalloccafions, that fo they might not onely bee beleeving,but ski¡full Chriftians, knowing how to man- nage and make the belt advantage oftheirfaith, and the wordofFaith. Which ifthey coulddoe , therewould another manner of power andbeauty fhive in their lives, thandoth.He isa man that bathformerly defervedwell oftheChurch, but inmorefeciall mannerfitted f ra Treatife ofthis nature, as avingBeene put to it, to o,. b ex cewhatit is tolixeb faith , having infightformattersofthis lifevery little whereupon to depend. Thofe that are driven to exercifi theirfaith, cannot butfindGodfaithfill,asneverfailingthefethat trufl in him, theyfeemoreofGodtbanothersdoe. Ifit beobjecîedthat othersoflatetime have digged in thefamemyne, and labouredin thefamefield,andto goodpurpofe andfuccefe : Ianfwer, it is true,themore this age isboundto Godthat direîis thefliirits ofinen to foufefüll,fneceffaryan argument, eeingwithoutfaith weehave no communionwith thentaineoflife, no- thing in this world that canyeeldfettledcomfort to ground thefuleupon, feeing without itthefaireflcar- riage isbut emptie anddead morality, neither finding acceptance with God, nor yeeldingcomfort tous in our greateft extremities,andby it Godhimfelfe,and Chrifl, withallthat he bathdone,fufered,conquered, becom- methours andfor our ufe.Befides,none that Iknowhave written incur Language fo largelyofthis argument : and (uchis the extentand iritualnes of this heavenly point,that manymen,&ofhegreateflgracesandparts, may withgreat benefit to the Church, dive anddigRill into thismyfterie..Neither let any except againfi the * 3 multitude