Ball - BT770 B3 1637

The Preface to the Reader. multitude ofquotationsofScriptures,theyare brought un- der theirproper head, and f t intheirproperplace,b the matter it_Rife is cut out into variety ofparts. Store (as wee ufe toflieake) is nofore ;we count it it delight to take out ofafull heape; the more light, the convielion isthe f ranger ; what futesnot at one time, willfuteourfiirits andoccafaonsat another, andwhat takethnot withone , may take with another. But thefull andwell handling ofmatters inthis Treatife cariesfuch fatisfáclion with it, that itfrees mefrom necefitieoffurther difoutfe ,r andmine aivueprefènt weakneff eofbodie takethmeoff; only Iwas willing to ryeeldthat teflimonie to thefuit= full pains ofa faithfull labourer in Gods Vineyard, that ijudgeit s dfirved. Receive it therefäre,Chriflian Reader, with thanks to Godthatflirreth upfilchhelpers ofthatfaithby .which wee live,(land, conquer, and in which we mull die,ifwe laoke to receive the endofour . faith, thefalvationofourfoules, RYCHAD "IBB S. i