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yufiifying ,Faith cannotbe without Love. 5 I' which is added by the Evangeliíf, that theyduranot con- retie him, doth no more derogate from their love, than from their faith : for if they had beleeved firmely with the heart unto righteonfnefe, they had confef edwith the ßom., mouthunto falvation : and in that they confeffed not the truth with their mouths , it argueth they beleeved but weakly with their hearts. For the faith which bringeth forth fincere confeflion is coupled with love, but con- fetfìon it felfe is an effe& of faith. I beleeved, and r cor4.r3. therefore have I fpokçn: wee alfo beleeve, and therefore jpeahe. Theman thatcame to the weddin , not havin on the g g Belfm . ubíjupre, wedding garment , had faith (as our Adverfaries objet) §. quar:am. but wanted charitie and good works. How may it ap- peare that bee had faith ? Forfooth, becaufe hee was ad- mittedto that Table, which are the Sacraments. Not to queflion that expofition for the prefent, wasno man ever admitted to the Sacraments, that made Phew of faith, when indeed hee had none? Many hypocrites are in the Church , that have not fo much as a perfwafion of the truthof the Scripture, and fo abfolutely want their mar- riage garment. And men are admitted to the Sacrament bymen, and admitted for profefsion offaith, when they that admit them cannot tell whether they have faith or not. For many pretend that which is not in them, and with the mouth make profefsion of faith, when their heart is barren and emptie of grace. Further, this man might affent unto truths divine, and acknowledge them as true, but not from a found and fincereground : or hee might affent unto the Articles of ChrilianFaith as true and good, while(}confidered onely in themfelves, without oppofition of fuch matters as hee muchvalued : and fuch beleefe being unfound , fhallow , fubordinate to earthly pleafures or commodities, maybee and is feparated from love ; but it is not that faith wee fpeake of. The generali meaning of the Parable feemes to bee no morebut this, that manymen thrill} into the Church, who, whenthe day E 2 of