Ball - BT770 B3 1637

52 fyÿing Faithcannot be without Lave, Ga1.5.6. Rom.13.14. Gal.3.26,27. Co1.3.9,10. EpheG4z4. Co1.3.1 z. Ephef.6.15,16 of triall comes, will bee found to have no interef to the Kingdome of Heaven. What if the wedding garmentbee charitie? this doth hurt us nothing, unlefie it could bee proved, (which can never bee) that this manhad juflifying faith. For hee wanted the wedding garment, charitie, be- caufe hee wanted faith : and ifhee had beetleendued with the one, fc. faith , hee (hould allo have had the other, fc. love : forfaithworketh by love. But the wedding gar- ment is as well faith as love. It is indeed Chrifl Jefus him- felfe (ofwhom theApoflle faith) Tutyee en the LordJe- fiu. Chrif} (as hee is a Juflifier of us from finne, and a San5tifier ofus from the power of finne, rinfing away by thewater ofhis Spirit, that flaine ofcorruption defiling our nature) is that wedding garment: and f> putting on Chrifl, wee put on thenew man, which according to god ù created in righteoufnefe andtrue holineffe : Nowwee put on Chrifl,when we doe by an affianced knowledge, andby confequent affeétions come more and more to bee united with him. The firf} and radical] union is made by faith on- ly, which layethhold on God in Chrifl, as our mercifull God, whofeangerbeforethreatned us for fin. The fecon- darie union, whereby the foule cleaveth more and more untoGod,isby meanes oftheaffe-aions; by love ourhearts cleave unto him, by hope, joy, high eflimation of him: whom though we have not feene, we love : but this prefup- pofeth the former. The five foolifh Virgins (they fay) were part of' the Kingdome of God , and had faith, but wanted works. They were indeed part of the Kingdome in profeflion, but not in eleaion. They had a forme or fhew offaith, but true juflifying faith they never knew. And as their faith was, fuch were their works. For it appeareth that they had oyle in their lamps, and that their lamps were lighted, although by long tarrying of the Bridegroome, they wereafterwards quenched. Our Adverfaries teach. that thefe Virgins hadafpired tomore than ordinarie per - feélion in the Church : and had they gotten this without- good Matth.15.1t Rhem...lnnot. in lSatth. z 5. §. 1.