Ball - BT770 B3 1637

54 jafiiJing Faith cannot be without Love, Jams,t4. Jam.z:i8.. Jam.z.a9. am.zza am.zso,as,: Heb.aa.z9 Jam.iag. our of the world, was not by this lived, how lewdly foever hee demeaned himfelfe? And it is apparent by the Text , that the Apoffle fpeakes of an hi(foricall, dead faith, a faith in profeffion; as much differing from thatwheretoS. 'Paul afcribeth righteoulneffe,as a live man doth fronia dead, or a body endued with lifeand motion, from a paintedor carved image. Thereforehee compares it to the good words of him that wifheth well to the Poore man, but doth nothingat all for him. As therefore it is no true charitie which profefi'eth good will to help, and helpeth not: fo it is no true faith, which is fevered from good works. To this tendeth his queffion , What avatleth it, though a man fay that hee hathfaith ? and his other demand, Sher, me thy faith ? Theuttermoff bee extendeth it to by inffance , is a meere hifforicall faith, Thou beleevelli that there is one God. His purpofe is to fhew, thatfaith, if it bee truly profeffed, bath taken root within, from whence fpring by obedience the fruits ofall good works ; and ifitgivenot forth it felfeby good works, it is a dead, no true and living faith. The men againff whom heedifputes did makeprofeffionofjuffifying faith ; but theApofflebrings the true, lively, andworking faith of Eflbraham, as oppofite to thatidle, dead, and breath-leWe faith profeffed by them ; and laying, was not Abraham our Fatherjufiified by works, when hee offeredhis Sonne Ifaac upon the altar? bee meaneth no more, than ifhee had thus fpoken : If eflbraham had faid (as they did, whole emptie faithhe difapproves)I have faith,buc hadnot proved his fayings true by his deeds, or readineffe tooffer up his onely SonnewhenGod commandedhim (for aawallyhee did not offerhim) heehadnot beene ju(fifed beforeGad. Why ? becaufe bee had not beleeved in fuch fort as Paul meant, when he faith ; 73yfaith Abraham o fferedup Ifáac when herons tryed; which was the aft of his faith, as the Text expreflynoteth. Yea, farther to chew the vanitie ofthem that-boaffed ofjuffifying faith, becaufe they profeffedfaith in God, hee addeth;