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uJlifjingFaith cannot be without Love. 55 addeth; The Devils beleeve alfo and tremble: (hewing, that the Devils goe fo farre as tobeleeve the truth ofGod, yea, further, for they tremble ; and therefore the faithpro- feffed in word by thole boa ffers, cannot bee the fame with that which the Scripture nameth for a juftifying faith. They cannotfhuffle this over by tellingus, that Chrifian faith, when it is naked and voidof good works, may well bee likened untotheDevils faith in two points. FirR, in bothof them there is a perfe& knowledge ofall things re- vealed. Secondly, this knowledge (hall not Read them a- ny whit. But in many things they differ ; but this one is principal], That Chriíians, outof agodly and devout af- fe&ion, doe willingly fubmit their underffanding to the rules offaith. But the Devil], againft his will, beleeves all that God bath revealed. This is but apoore evafion ; forif theywill heare their brethren of7?,hemes, they tell them plainly, thatSaint James doubted not tocall a dead faith without works, the faith not of Chrifians, but of Devils, The ApoRle then doth not liken Chriflian jufti- fying faith to the faith ofDevils in fomepointsonely, but proves the dead faith profeffed by force, not to bee true and faving faith indeed, becaufe theDevils beleeve inthat manner. The fir] point wherein the faith of Chriflians and ofDevils is faid to agree, comprehendeth the fulnelfe and perfe&ionof that which theycall Catholike, or Chri- flianFaith, which conGReth in beleeving all to bee true that God hath revealed. Nomore is there in eAbrahams faith, ifwee confider the a&offaith, and no leffe in the Devil], and the fame in everie Catholike Chriuian, ac- cording to their do&rine. That which is added to Phew thedifferencebetwixt thefaithofChrifians and the faith ofDevils, is little to thepurpofe. For it not taken from thenature of faith it felfe, but from thole things which to faithare meerely accidentali. The godly and devout af- fe&ion, andwilling fubmiffion to therulesoffaith, which is in Chriflians, beingan act of charitie, andnot of faith, differenceth not true faithin it felfe from the faithof Hy- E 4 pocrites, Bellac. deJuf }. lib. t.calt.t5. §. ..Ad tertium. tv: B. againft Perlin reformed Catholike, 4. point. qn. Whetherfaith may be without charitie. Rhem. ,.innot. in Mattb.t 5.Sell.t.