Ball - BT770 B3 1637

JuffifyingFaith cannot bewithout Love. 57 yet from the totali caufewee cannot feparate thole things, together withwhich it bath innature its exillence and be- ing, andwithout which it cannot bee in a& for theprodu- cingof theeffe&, though they conferre nothing thereto: becaufe that is to deny the beingof it, and to defiroy the caufe. The eye aloneTeeth, theeare alone heareth : but it mull bee a living eye, and hearing eare, not feparated from the head,or broken off fromthe mil ofthe body. Faitha- lone jut+ifies without other graces, not in regard of their prefence, but in regardof their co-working with faith to this effe& of our Juflification. It is one thing to fay, the eye is in thehead without otherfentes, and another thing tofay, the eyeloth fee alone, noother fence Peeing withit. Livelyhood is thequalification of that faith that ju(+ifieth ; andworks, at leafla preparation and promptitude of heart togoodworks,isan effe 1 offaith, as immediateas Jut+ifi- cation. So then faith cannot be without love, and yet wee apprehend not thepromifes of eternali lifeby works, but by faithalone; although truly they cannot be apprehended by parties dePitute ofworks, at leaf+of fincere refolution towalke in obedience. Nor doth faith alone apprehend the truth, or derive the benefit ofdivine promifes to our Pelves, but by it alone (though accompanied withall other fan6lifyinggraces, andattended with the whole traine of goodworks) we expe& and pray the promifes maybe ful- filled, not for our fakes, or for any righteouCneffe wee have inus, or canhope for in this life, but onely for themerit of Chrit+, by his fole mediation and interceffion. In briefe, the faith which jullifieth is operative, attendedwith good works ofall fórts, accompanied with all graces of the Spi- rit : but wee liveby it, as it unites us to theLord of life ; yea, by it alone, not byit and other partsof grace, in as much as by it wee truft inGods merciesoffered inChrif+, wholly relyingon them, not partly on them, and partlyon our worksorrighteoufneffe. CHAP.