Ball - BT770 B3 1637

B(iial, dc ÿxfljf: cap.i5. §.!'§.Pe- ;ton:. 'unifying Farad) cannot bewithout Love. pocrites, but diflinguifheth faith and charitie from faith onely. And thus our adverfaries make the Devilla Ca- I tholike againft his will. Or if they will fay , that true Chriflian faithdoth aiwayes a&uallyand neceffarily imply this godly affe&ion, and willing fubmiffion ofunderflan- ding to the rules offaith, thenbecaufe this cannot be with- out charitie let them fay, as the truth is, that true Chrifli- an faith cannot be feparated from love and good works. It is impertinent to difpute, whether the faithof Devils bee naturali, coa&, and difhoneft ; or the faithof wicked men fupernaturall, voluntarie, and honefl, as if ihefethings di- fiinguifhed thefaithof ungodly men from thefaith ofDe- vils. For lithe majeflieof Gods infallible truthcommand the affent ofDevils to that which they lovenot, doth not the fame caufe altoprevaile with ungodly men, who beare no affe6lion to God or goodnefte ? Andas forthe homily or difhoneflyofthea&, there can nocircumflance beena- med, why it fhould be honeflin wicked men,and difhoneft in theDevils : forit is fearefully abufed in both. And if it be granted,that faithwithout worksor grace, is inmen the gift of God, but the faith of Devils not fo; thisargues a difference onely in thecaufe, not in the effence, nature, or qualitie. And though it behis gift, yet being without grace and charitie, and without there of necefiitie as unfruitful) asthe faithof Devils(bath which our adverfariesgrant) it is no moreavaileable tomakea Chrillian, than the faith of Devils is. It is further obje&ed,if faith cannot be without charitie, then faith alone doth not ju(fifie. This followeth not, for it is one thing tofay, faith alone dothnot juflifie, another that faith whichjuflifieth is not alone. This tatter we yeeld unto, thefirft weedeny. Faith alone doth juflifie, that is, privatively confidered without hope or charitie, as caufes concurring therewith in juflification.: but this faithcannot really be feparated from, or negatively confidered without hope and charitie. For thoughit be true, that the totali caufeofanythingbeingin a&,the el:e&mull needs follow; yet