Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 93 derminfler he wrote and publifht that accomplifht Model of an E- vangelical Miniíler, flyled Gildas Salvianus, or the Reform'd Paftor In that book, he clears beyond all cavil, That the Duty of Miniflers is not conin'd to their Study and the Pulpit, but that they thould make ufe of opportunities to in- firuó Families within their Care, as 'tis faid by the Apoftle, that he had kept back nothing from his Hearers that was profitable , but- had taught them publickly, and from hou/e to houfe. The Idea of a faithful! Minifter delineated in that book, was a Copy taken from the Life , from his own zealous Example. His unwearied indufiry to do good to his Flock, was an- fwer'd by Correfpondent Love and Thankfulnefs. He was an Angel in their Elleem. He would often fpeak with great Complacence of their dear Atfèóions : and a little before