Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

94 A Funeral-Sermon on before his Death, fail, He believ'd they were more Expreflìve of kindnefs to him, than the Chri- flian Converts were to the Apo- file Paul, by what appears in his Writings. While he remain'd at Keder- minfier, his Illufrious Worth was not fhaded in a Corner, but dif- pers'd its Beams and Influence round the Countrey. By his Coun- fel and Excitation , the Minifters in f orcefierfhtre, Epifcopal, Pres- byterian and Congregational were united, that by their Studies, La- bours, and Advice, the Doctrine and Praaife of Religion , the Truths and Holinefs of the Gofpel might be preferved in all the Chur- ches committed to their Charge. This Afrociation was of excellent nié , the ends of Church-govern- ment were obtain'd by it : and it was a leading Example to theMi- nifters of other Counties. Mr. ;Bax-