Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

IoZ A Funeral-Sermon on currence in paffing that Law, for A&ions have a Language as con- vincing as that of Words, but from Dr. Sheldon then Bilhop of London their great Leader ; who when the Lord Chamberlain Ju an- chefler, told the King, while the Ad of Uniformity was under de- bate, that he was afraid the Terms of it were fo rigid, that many of the Miniflers would not comply with it he replyed , I am a- fraid: they will. This Ad was paid after the King had engaged h'.s Faith and Honour in his De- claration from Breda, to preferve the Liberty of Cofcience inviolate, wh ch promife opcn'd the way for his Itei.torat on ; and alter the Ro, a i_ifls here, had given publick Afìijrance, that all former Animo- fities ihoold be buried, as Ruhlifh under the Foundation of a Vn.iver- fal Concord. Mr. Baxter was i n- volv'd with fo many Minifiers in this sar