Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Afr. Richard Baxter. 103 thisCalamity,who was their brigh- teft Ornament, and the bell De- fence of their righteous, though oppreflèd Caufe: Two Obfervati- ons he made upon that Ad and our Ejebion. The one was, that the Mini- fiers were turned and kept out from the publick EKercife of their Office, in that time of their Lives, that was moil fit to be dedicated end employed for thc Service and Glory of God, that is between thirty and fixty Years, when their intelletual and inlirumental Fa- culties were in their Vigour. The other was in a Letter to me after theDeath of feveral Bill-lops who were concurrent in palling that Ad, and exprell no Sorrow for it : his words were, for ought I fee, the Bi/hops will own the turn- ing of us out, at the Tribunal of C'hrifl, and thither we appeal. H 4 Alm