Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

Mr. Richard Baxter. 107 papifts with!. that clearnefs and íirength, as will Confound, if not Convince them. He laid, he one- ly dejr'd Armies and Antiquity againfl the Papifls : Armies, he caufe of their bloody Religion fo often exemplified in England, Ire- land,. France and other Countries. However they may appear on the Stage, they are always the fame perfons in theTyring-room : their Religion binds them to extirpate Hereticks, and often over-rules the milder inclinations of their na- ture : Antiquity, becaufe they are inveigled with a fond pretence to it, as if it were favourable to their Caufe : but it has been demon- {hated by many learned Prote- ftants, that the Argument of An- tiquity is directly againft the principal Dotrines of Popery, .as that of the Supremacy, of Tran- fubítantiation, of I acfe-worthip, and others. Ile