Bates - BX5207 B3 B2 1692

i o6 A Funeral-Sermon on had lived in the Primitive Times, he had been one of the Fathers of the Church. I (hall add what he laid with admiration of him ano- ther time, That it was enough for one Age to produce fuch a 1'erfon as Mr. Baxter. Indeed, he had fuch an amplitude in hisThoughts, fuch vivacity of Imagination, and fuch folidity and depth of Judg- ment, as rarely meet together. His inquiringMind was freed from the fervile dejetion and bondage of an implicit Faith. He adher'd to the Scriptures as the perfet Rule of Faith , and fearcht whe- ther the DoEtrincs received and taught were Confonant to it, This is the duty of every Chri- ftian according to his capacity, efpecially ofMinifiers, and the necef hry Means to open the Mind for Divine Knowledge, and for the advancement of the Truth. He ptblifht fevera l Books againil the Pa }ills